SliderView 1.0 Released (free)

This is SliderView 1.0   SliderView is a mix between many things : Apple Dashboard :  It open above desktop, and show your “widgets” Windows 8 start screen :  You can slide horizontally your widget. Windows Explorer : You can navigate vertically thru your widgets


Visual Tooltip – Korean translation

Thanks to JaeHyung Lee for his Korean translation of  Visual Tooltip. DOWNLOAD


Standalone Stack 2.0.7 released !

 If you have ObjectDock or RocketDock,you certainly know the stack docklet from Matonga. Now, if you don’t want any dock and simply use your taskbar, you can have stack view too. Just get StandaloneStack 2, create a shortcut and voilà, run it to show the stack. StandaloneStack 2 use the Matonga stack library, so you … Continue reading »


Miscellaneous utilities

Name : OpenStartMenu.exe (15KB) Description: Open the start menu and show/Hide the taskbar. Use OpenStartMenu.exe /? to show parameters. Use /hidetaskbar to hide taskbar. Use /showtaskbar /nostartmenu to show taskbar without opening start menu. DOWNLOAD Name : OpenTaskbarProperties.exe (64KB) Description: Open the taskbar properties dialog at mouse location. Use OpenTaskbarProperties.exe /? to show parameters. DOWNLOAD … Continue reading »


Project Scalable, beta version

First beta version of Scalable : Download Unzip the files in a directory, run scalable.exe. Scalable allow you to make “virtual” windows of real windows application. The virtual window can be used like the real windows, with keyboard and mouse. Run for example Notepad.exe or calc.exe (the calculator), press CTRL key, hold down and click … Continue reading »