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Visual Tooltip

(Windows XP/Vista/7)

Download : Visualtooltip 2.2 ( zip 400 Ko)

StandaloneStack 2

( Windows XP/Vista/7 )

Download : StandaloneStack 2.0.7 ( zip 4166 Ko)


(Windows XP/Vista/7/NT 2000 SP4)

Open the start menu with a shortcut

openstartmenu.exe -> open start menu at standard location
openstartmenu.exe /? -> show this help
openstartmenu.exe /mouse -> open start menu at mouse location
openstartmenu.exe /mouse +20 -80 -> mouse location +20 horizontal -80 vertical (for example)
openstartmenu.exe /screen 100 50 -> location in the screen at 100,50
openstartmenu.exe /hidetaskbar -> Hide the taskbar
openstartmenu.exe /showtaskbar -> Show the taskbar and open the start menu
openstartmenu.exe /showtaskbar /nostartmenu -> Show the taskbar without openning the start menu

Download : OpenStartMenu 1.0 ( 14 Ko)

Miscellaneous utilities

: OpenTaskbarProperties.exe (64KB)
Description: Open the taskbar properties dialog at mouse location. Use OpenTaskbarProperties.exe /? to show parameters.

Download : OpenTaskbarProperties

: EasyMove.exe (300KB)
Description: Move windows by clicking anywhere on it. Just press CTRL and click on the window (anywhere). Click on the tray icon to open settings

Download : EasyMove