Get Windows Seven taskbar on Windows XP

Thanks to Lee-Soft !

Windows Seven taskbar is coming to Windows XP :

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD


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  1. Ilia says:

    Woah nelly! That is awesome.
    I’ve moved on to Win7 at home, but at work I’m still using WinXP and probably won’t be upgrading any time soon, so I’m definitely gonna try this out and see how it works because I love the superbar.

    And thanks for posting about this. I completely randomly ended up here via a standalone stack link and then on a whim decided to check the home page and bam! there it is – a post on viglance 🙂

  2. XZ says:

    Hi,i would say this stuff is awesome but theres something i dislike about this stuff…whenever i start this ViGlance V2,some of my program dissapear from the taskbar…but however still can be accessed through Alt-Tab….is this a bug?

  3. Scott says:

    Hi, I’ve used ViGlance for almost two years up to around 6 months ago. The reason I stopped using it is that I found it caused conflicts with other apps. It caused MS Works word processor to scroll down continuously, making it unusable. It caused the Start Menu to have unacceptable delays when opening either the menu or sub groups. It caused PStart, ASuite and Symenu to have these same delays.

    At first I thought it was the programs themselves, then I came across two tiny programs the did similar things to ViGlance. I use Vista and ViGlance only works for the icons, nothing else works. So I tried these other two programs, Transbar and Taskbaric, which I found on Rocket Dock’s site.

    Since removing ViGlance I’ve had none of the problems mentioned. I have reinstalled and removed ViGlance just to check it was this that caused the problems and each time ViGlance was started it caused the problems above, so there’s no question they were caused by ViGlance.

    If you want the taskbar buttons iconised I recommend Taskbaric. It’s only a tiny program but it works, unlike ViGlance!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    trojan detected -> FAIL

    1. admin says:

      surely false positive

      1. ~ says:


  5. Some guy says:

    YAY!!! Its the last thing i needed to make my pc look like win7!

  6. legoboy00156 says:

    Hi please make a program that would change the start menu to the win7 start menu and change the all programs list navigation to make it look even more like win7

    1. ihelp says:

      there IS a program: ViStart download link- lee-soft.com/vistart

  7. Jonathan says:

    Huh!!! I get win7 taskbar, but i dont get superbar

  8. peter says:

    i dont like xp and 7 i like win 8 download link:www.chrisnsoft.com

  9. Mike says:

    How about a visual tooltip in English?

    I like your presentation better than MS.

  1. vifevij says:


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