Miscellaneous utilities

Name : OpenStartMenu.exe (15KB)
Description: Open the start menu and show/Hide the taskbar. Use OpenStartMenu.exe /? to show parameters. Use /hidetaskbar to hide taskbar. Use /showtaskbar /nostartmenu to show taskbar without opening start menu.

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD

: OpenTaskbarProperties.exe (64KB)
Description: Open the taskbar properties dialog at mouse location. Use OpenTaskbarProperties.exe /? to show parameters.

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD

: EasyMove.exe (300KB)
Description: Move windows by clicking anywhere on it. Just press CTRL and click on the window (anywhere). Click on the tray icon to open settings

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD


2 pings

  1. Uff says:

    Thank for this wonderful apps 😀

  2. asuro says:

    Thank you.
    I’ve download all of them.They’re all useful and beautiful.
    Great work!

  3. Peter says:

    How do I get the Traystack to work? I’m wanting to hide the taskbar, but I’d like to keep the system tray icons.

  4. Daniel says:

    I looked high and low for a system tray dock or applet… this works beautifully with rocketdock! Thanks so much! keep it up!

  5. JP says:

    I can’t make it work on my Vista x64. Is it supposed to be compatible with this version of the OS?

  6. doron says:

    TaskStack is great!
    I’m thinking about using it as full replacement for the windows classic task switcher (alt+tab)
    the only annoying thing about it is, that as a task switcher’, there is no need of the ‘open folder’ in it any more
    ..is there a way to make that ‘open folder’ icon and text completely disappear?

  7. admin says:


    i have upgraded taskstack and traystack to change the option ( to hide “open folder” )
    so download it again, run it and hold CTRL key to open option dialog. Then, check “don’t show open folder”

  8. doron says:

    hey! thanx a lot! wow!
    the “don’t show open folder” working perfectly!!

    (BUT only if i use it from a shortcut – for some reason if i doubleclick the TaskStack.exe itself OR if I use it from a Hotkey that assigned for it
    > it will still show the ‘open folder’ most of the times)

    ammmm…..hoping I’m not pushing it…but can add a option to assign it a hotkey but default? (in my opinion – as a task switch replacement, Alt+Esc or Alt+Tab will be the coolest!)

  9. Bob says:

    This is not working on windows 7. Please fix this beauty of an application.

    I don’t mind helping out wherever I can as a windows 7 user.

  10. sgtevmckay says:

    Would really appreciate to see the task and task stack operational in Windows 7 64 bit.

    Is there any possibility, or has MS screwed stuff up way too much???

  11. sgtevmckay says:

    Oops Task and Tray stacks that is

  12. anaderi says:

    Also vote for fixing Tray/Task stacks for Windows 7 x64!

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