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Miscellaneous utilities

Name : OpenStartMenu.exe (15KB)
Description: Open the start menu and show/Hide the taskbar. Use OpenStartMenu.exe /? to show parameters. Use /hidetaskbar to hide taskbar. Use /showtaskbar /nostartmenu to show taskbar without opening start menu.

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD

: OpenTaskbarProperties.exe (64KB)
Description: Open the taskbar properties dialog at mouse location. Use OpenTaskbarProperties.exe /? to show parameters.

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD

: EasyMove.exe (300KB)
Description: Move windows by clicking anywhere on it. Just press CTRL and click on the window (anywhere). Click on the tray icon to open settings

Vista/7 and XP compatible DOWNLOAD

14 replies on “Miscellaneous utilities”

[…] and show/Hide the taskbar. Use OpenStartMenu.exe /? to show parameters. Use /hidetaskbar to hide by Thom Holwerda on Thu 24th Apr 2008 19:25 New Mobile Computing” Awesome is a floating and […]

Thank you.
I’ve download all of them.They’re all useful and beautiful.
Great work!

How do I get the Traystack to work? I’m wanting to hide the taskbar, but I’d like to keep the system tray icons.

I looked high and low for a system tray dock or applet… this works beautifully with rocketdock! Thanks so much! keep it up!

I can’t make it work on my Vista x64. Is it supposed to be compatible with this version of the OS?

TaskStack is great!
I’m thinking about using it as full replacement for the windows classic task switcher (alt+tab)
the only annoying thing about it is, that as a task switcher’, there is no need of the ‘open folder’ in it any more there a way to make that ‘open folder’ icon and text completely disappear?


i have upgraded taskstack and traystack to change the option ( to hide “open folder” )
so download it again, run it and hold CTRL key to open option dialog. Then, check “don’t show open folder”

hey! thanx a lot! wow!
the “don’t show open folder” working perfectly!!

(BUT only if i use it from a shortcut – for some reason if i doubleclick the TaskStack.exe itself OR if I use it from a Hotkey that assigned for it
> it will still show the ‘open folder’ most of the times)

ammmm…..hoping I’m not pushing it…but can add a option to assign it a hotkey but default? (in my opinion – as a task switch replacement, Alt+Esc or Alt+Tab will be the coolest!)

This is not working on windows 7. Please fix this beauty of an application.

I don’t mind helping out wherever I can as a windows 7 user.

Would really appreciate to see the task and task stack operational in Windows 7 64 bit.

Is there any possibility, or has MS screwed stuff up way too much???