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  • Project Scalable, beta version

    First beta version of Scalable : Download Unzip the files in a directory, run scalable.exe. Scalable allow you to make “virtual” windows of real windows application. The virtual window can be used like the real windows, with keyboard and mouse. Run for example Notepad.exe or calc.exe (the calculator), press CTRL key, hold down and click … Continue reading »

  • Yod’m 3D

  • Download

    SliderView (Windows XP/Vista/7) Download : SliderView 1.0 setup Visual Tooltip (Windows XP/Vista/7) Download : Visualtooltip 2.2 ( zip 400 Ko) StandaloneStack 2 ( Windows XP/Vista/7 ) Download : StandaloneStack 2.0.7 ( zip 4166 Ko) OpenStartMenu (Windows XP/Vista/7/NT 2000 SP4) Open the start menu with a shortcut openstartmenu.exe -> open start menu at standard location openstartmenu.exe … Continue reading »

  • Visual Tooltip

    (Windows XP/Vista/7) Visual Tooltip makes it possible to show a thumbnail of a window by putting the mouse cursor over a button of the taskbar The thumbnails can be moved anywhere on the desktop The thumbnails can be added in a “dock bar” The thumbnails can have various rotations ( from 0 to 80 degree … Continue reading »

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